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BetGames is an up-and-coming B2B
live casino game provider, and they operate primarily in the Eastern
European and African markets. While the company launched with just one
live casino game, today, they have over 7 games running 24 hours a day,
7 days a week. In this BetGames live casino review, we’re going to be
taking a look at the kind of games they offer, along with details about
the company. Let’s begin by taking a look at BetGames’ history, and some
details of how they operate.

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Company Information and History

BetGames was founded on the 7th
January 2012 by Mindaugas and Vygerdas, and originally, the company
focused on developing a selection of lottery, dice, and card games. As
the company grew, so did their portfolio of games, and it wasn’t long
before they entered the live casino games market.

When their live dealer casino first launched, BetGames
offered just one game, in one country! When writing this BetGames live
casino review, however, we found they now offer 9 games in over 40 countries – so it’s clear they’re doing something right.

BetGames hold two gambling
licenses. The first, is from the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission,
and the second is from the Government of Curacao. All of BetGame’s games
are independently audited, and they use NMi and SIQ.

BetGames Live Casino Review: The Games

BetGames currently offer nine games,
and they’re all quite different from what you may expect from a live
casino provider. Let’s find out about the games below:

BetGames’ Live Bet on Poker

Bet on Poker is a variation of Texas
Hold’em that’s played against other hands, rather than the casino. The
game uses one deck of oversized cards, and these are shuffled manually by the dealer before each game. There are a total of 6 player positions to bet on.

If you’re unfamiliar with how Bet on
Poker works, you’re trying to create the best 5-card poker hand. As
mentioned, your hand is played against other hands
– not the dealer’s hand. After each card is dealt, a new betting round
takes place, and the odds change accordingly. You’re essentially betting
on which hand you think will win at showdown.

There’s a couple of extra betting options available too. The most popular, is the ability to bet on what the winning hand will be.

BetGames’ Bet on Baccarat

Bet on Baccarat is a variation of
Baccarat – and it’s probably our favourite game from the developer. We
played it quite a bit when writing this BetGames live casino review. The
difference between Bet on Baccarat and regular Baccarat is that there’s
a betting round after each card is dealt. It’s a game that’s
well-suited to those who want the ability to wager more money on single

BetGame’s Bet on Baccarat is played
using 6 decks. All of the cards are oversized, making it easier to see
them as they’re drawn. Before the game begins, you can bet on the Banker
or Player’s hand, and you can also bet on a Tie. There’s also two side
bets available; a Pairs bet, and a Big/Small bet. Once the first card is
drawn, you can bet on the colours of the next cards dealt, as well as
the suits of the next cards drawn. You can also bet on the hand total, or whether each hand will total higher or lower than 9.5.

There’s lots of betting options available here, and this makes it a popular alternative to Baccarat – a game which has long been accused of being a bit ‘simple’ and boring.

BetGames’ Dice

‘Dice’, is BetGame’s variation of Sic
Bo – a popular Asian dice game. The game centers around 5 dice, which
are all rolled at once. You simply place bets on the outcome of the roll
– and there’s plenty of betting options available!

A new game of Dice is played every 5
minutes, and bets can be placed on a variety of betting options. This
includes dice combinations, numbers, the total sum
of the dice, and odds/evens. Like all of BetGame’s live dealer games,
Dice is well-laid out, easy-to-use, and you get plenty of time to place
your bets, so you don’t need to worry about being rushed!

BetGames’ Dice Duel

Dice Duel is another dice-based game
from BetGames, and it’s incredibly simple and easy-to-play. Dice Duel is
played with two dice, and these are rolled by the dealer once a new
game round begins. A new game start every 4 minutes, so there’s plenty
of times for you to place your bets.

You simply need to bet on the outcome
of the dice rolls. You can place bets on the numbers that will be
rolled, whether the dice are odd or even, and the total amount displayed
on the dice. The odds for the bets range from between evens, to 34/1.

Like all of BetGame’s live dealer
games, Dice Duel’s layout is clear, easy-to-navigate and responsive –
and you’ll easily be able to see the chip denominations at the bottom of
the screen. The game is also hosted in a special studio, with some red
curtains in the background. It looks quite good, to be honest, and we
found ourselves ‘hooked’ when writing this BetGames live casino review!

BetGames’ Lucky 5

Lucky 5 is a lottery-inspired game from BetGames. 5 balls are drawn, from between 1 and 36, and you simply bet on the outcome
of the balls which are drawn. In total, there are over 70 different
betting options for you to take advantage of, and a new game is played
every 5 minutes.

Some of the main bets you’ll find at the table include betting on the numbers drawn, what colours
the balls drawn will be, along with specific combination bets. The odds
for the various bets range from between evens to 1000/1. The game also looks
really cool, and it’s set in a studio which overlooks a golf course. In
the backdrop, there’s a city, featuring some skyscrapers and palm

BetGames’ Lucky 6

Lucky 6 is a ‘follow on’ game to BetGame’s “Lucky 5”, and as you can probably tell, six
balls are drawn, instead of five. There are a total of 60 balls in
play, and this includes 30 red balls, and 30 blue balls. The balls are
numbered from 0-9, meaning there’s three sets of each coloured number

A new game begins every 5 minutes,
and you’re able to place bets on a number of betting options. Some of
the most common bet types include Number bets (betting on which number
balls will be drawn), the total number of all balls drawn, the colours
of the balls drawn, and whether the figure will be odd or even. The odds
range from between 1.01 to 90/1. The game is set in a custom-built
studio rom, and there’s – what looks
to be – some kind of vault on the left-hand-side. The presenter stands
in the middle of the screen, while the balls are drawn on the

BetGames’ Lucky 7

Given the success of two of their
other games – Lucky 5, and Lucky 6 – BetGames decided to release Lucky
7. It’s similar to both the previous games, but here, 7 balls are drawn.
The total number of balls in play is 42. One of the biggest benefits of
playing Lucky 7 over Lucky 5 or 6, is that there’s a much larger number
of betting options available – over 90!

A new game is started every 5
minutes, and 7 balls are then drawn. 21 of these balls are black, and 21
of them are yellow. They all contain a number, too. You’ll find
yourself able to place bets on a number of betting options, including
betting on the colour of the balls drawn, the total sum of the numbers,
whether the total sum is odd or even, or whether there’s more black or
yellow balls. The odds of all of the bets vary between 1.01 and 2000/1.

The betting interface is also clear
and easy-to-navigate. This is something that BetGames really seem to
‘get right’ in their live dealer games. It’s easy to select the chip
values you want, and the action is clearly visible, as much of the
game’s screen shows the presenter and the dice hoppers.

BetGames’ Wheel of Fortune

We’ve seen a number of live casino
providers release a Wheel of Fortune game, and BetGames are no
exception. This is definitely one of their most exciting games, and
you’ll see a giant Wheel on the screen, with the presenter standing in
front of a backdrop featuring a supercar and a city. There are a total
of 19 segments on the wheel, and a new game begins every 5 minutes.

The betting interface (which is found
at the bottom of the screen) offers over 30 different betting options,
and you can bet on everything from the numbers the wheel lands on, to
the colour
of the numbers, and whether it will be an odd or even number. The odds
for the games vary between 2/1 and 18/1, so it’s not a game suited to
those in search of massive wins – but if you’re looking for something a bit more volatile than Blackjack/Baccarat, it’s worth checking out.

One of our writers who contributed to
this BetGames live casino review pointed out that the game doesn’t seem
to appear at all casinos offering the provider’s games.

BetGames’ War of Bets

War of Bets is an original game from
BetGames, and you won’t find it anywhere else. It’s relatively
straightforward to play, and this card-based game features a Player and a
Dealer hand. Basically, you bet on which position you want to back, and
if you pick the hand that receives the highest card, you win. The game
uses a total of 6 decks, with 52 cards in each deck.

Like Baccarat, you can bet on the Player hand, or
the Dealer’s hand – both bets award the same odds. You can also choose
to bet on the colour of the cards dealt, the suits of the cards dealt,
and the total value of the cards. There are also two betting rounds in
War of Bets. The first, takes place before any cards are dealt. Once the
first card is dealt, another round of betting is offered, with the odds
adjusted dependant on what the first card shows.

Streaming Quality

Despite being a relatively new name
in the live casino world, BetGames have done an excellent job building
their system. This was apparent to us when we put this BetGames live
casino review together.

Their streaming quality is great,
and the games are shown you the player’s screen in full HD. We were also
really impressed with the way the audio and chat features work, and the
dealer’s voices can be heard cleanly and crisply.

Their games are also playable on
mobile devices. Mobile users have had a notoriously bad time with live
dealer games until recently, and many providers had problems giving
users a steady, smooth gaming experience. BetGames have managed to build
their platform with mobile users in mind, and provided your internet
connection isn’t too shoddy, you probably won’t experience any issues – no matter where you are in the world!

Playing Interface and Betting Options

We were happy to see, while writing
this BetGames live casino review that all games run 24 hours a day, 7
days a week. The time it takes for each game to play out varies
(depending on the game), but generally new game rounds start every 5
minutes or so.

BetGames have also used a unique
betting panel layout in all of their games. You’ll see that they are
uncluttered and easy-to-navigate and placing bets is a quick and simple
process. Most of BetGames’ live dealer games can also display in a
fullscreen mode – useful if you want to get into the experience as much
as possible.

The betting limits at the tables vary greatly – and ultimately, the casinos hosting BetGames’
games have the final say on the betting limits on offer. As a general
rule of thumb, however, their live dealer games can be played from
between 1 and 100 credits per game.

Languages Offered 

BetGames – currently – only have
English-speaking dealers working on their games. This doesn’t really
pose a problem, as English is the main language in the online gambling
world. However, their UI does
have over 30 different languages. This means you can enjoy playing the
games even if you struggle to understand the dealers. When writing this
BetGames live casino review we found it was incredibly easy to change
the language options from within the games which is always an added

BetGames Live Mobile Casino Review

BetGame’s live dealer games are all
built using HTML5, and this allows you to play them from your mobile
devices. All Android and iOS devices can run their games, and you don’t
need to install any apps or download software in order to play. Better
yet, the games can be played in both portrait and landscape mode – and
both modes render as well as the others.

To place bets, you need to scroll down
the betting interface. You’ll then be able to view all of the available
bets, as well as adjusting your bet sizing. To watch the game unfold,
you need to scroll back up – this will enable you to view the game!

BetGames’ Live Dealers

Most of the dealers employed by
BetGames are attractive females. While they’ve achieved some controversy
for dressing the dealers more like glamour models
than croupiers, they are all very professional. Their knowledge of how
the game works is impeccable, and they deal the games expertly. Most of
the dealers are more than happy to engage in conversation with players,
although we found that their microphones aren’t the best, so you may
need to turn up your volume slightly.

BetGames Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

Despite being far from a leading name
in the live dealer world, BetGames have worked hard to build a reliable
product. It’s clear that they’ve taken no shortcuts when developing
their platform and everything from the lobby to the game interface is
built with usability in mind.

We also love the fact that they offer
a demo site where you can try out their games for free. We made full
use of this when writing this BetGames live casino review. You can check out their demo site here.

We were also impressed to see the
provider’s varied game range. In particular – War of Bets. This is an
exclusive game and you won’t find it available from other providers. Of
course, the lack of Roulette and Blackjack will disappoint some players,
but if you’re looking to try new, different games then BetGames’
portfolio is perfect.

If you’d like to try out their live
games for yourself – for real money – you’ll find their full portfolio
available at all of the casinos shown below.

Where To Play BetGames’ Live Casino Games?


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